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Our Mission Statement

ARRA Communications mission is to provide bespoke solutions in broadband, communications and automation that work for your home, your business, and your community. It is our objective to give our customers a turnkey service beyond their expectations. The customer, through ARRA Communications; can define their objectives, opportunities and challenges.

Company History

ARRA Communications opened in September 2004 after seeing a niche in the market for a reliable broadband service in rural areas. With its ISP division, ARRA's objective is to provide high speed broadband to business and residential customers through its own network and over DSL networks where available. ARRA Communications currently operates a fixed wireless network covering approximately 160 km2 with over 2000 active users.

ARRA naturally progressed into more specialised areas of the market due to our experience in designing and building our own communications network. We now offer services such as network and Wi-Fi consultancy, network and systems architecture, network security, bespoke software solutions and automation services as part of our wide range of expertise in broadband, communications and automation sectors.

For further details on all our services please browse our website, call us on +353 61 514513 or contact us. We will be happy to discuss any scale of project you require


  • 1Companies Registration Office
    Fast Wireless Internet Ltd. trading as ARRA Communications, registration number 391194; is a registered limited company with the Irish Companies Registration Office.
  • 2Irish Commission for Communications Regulation
    ARRA Communications is registered with Comreg, the Irish Telecommunications Regulator in the register of General Undertakings; and is authorised to provide Broadband Services in Ireland
  • 3RIPE - Réseaux IP Européens
    ARRA Communications is a member of the RIPE NCC, which is an independent organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet through technical co-ordination in its service region. The membership consists of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunication organisations and large corporations located in Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia.
  • 4ISPAI
    ARRA Communications is a member of ISPAI, the aim of which is to provide a single voice for the ISP Industry at a National, EU, and International level. At present, the ISPAI; among other responsibilities, maintains a Code of Practice and Ethics recognised as a role model within the EU.
  • 5Private Security Authority
    ARRA Communications is Licensed and Regulated by the Private Security Authority for the purposes of installing and maintaining CCTV and Access Control systems. Certification Number:51900 - License Number: 06705
  • 6ISME

    ARRA Communications is a member of the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association.