Security Camera Solutions

Security Camera Installations are part of the ARRACam Video Management System.

We have cameras available that can record at either 720p or 1080p FullHD video at up to 30 frames per second. All of our cameras support night illumination and as such can be used during both the day and night. Featuring durable and waterproof enclosures, our cameras are ideally suited for use both outdoors and indoors.


ARRA Communications provides a complete design and installation solution with Internet enabled IP Cameras. Our fully PSA compliant camera systems use state of the art hardware, are professionally surveyed, installed , and configured.


If you are interested in any of our ARRACam solutions, please give us a call on 061 514 513 and we can arrange for a free site survey for your premises. Our engineer will be able to offer advise for optimal camera positioning and alignment, in order to provide maximum visibility of your premises. Once a survey is completed, we can then provide you with a quite for installation.