Network Security

ARRA Communications network security is designed to protect the reliability, integrity, usability, and safety of your network.

Network security is ever evolving as attacks are becoming much more sophisticated and attackers are becoming more successful.

Due to the nature of the networks operated by ARRA, we have a unique visibility of global security and malware trends. Partly due to our large, distributed network and also due in part to our operation of active, monitored and inconspicuous honeypot network.

We have experience in designing, implementing and managing security policies for any scale of network or business including the financial and insurance sectors.

ARRA adopts security best practices in all situations including but not limited to: least privilege, encrypted storage, stateful packet inspection firewalls, ACL and IDS/IPS systems.

We can also advise and provide on-site training for staff so they can detect and alert to phishing and social engineering attacks. As with all security implementations, the weakest spot is always the human.

If you would like any more information on our security services please call us on +353 61 514 513 or contact us.