Wi-Fi and Hotspot Solutions design and deployment

Premises such as hotels or cafés which provide Wi-Fi to their customers are obliged by law to record certain parameters about each connection that is made on their network.

ARRA Communications are experts in providing bespoke wireless hotspot solutions which are fully compliant with the Communications (Retention of Data) Act of 2011.

The benefits of offering a wireless hotspot to your customers is increased footfall and customer retention.

ARRA Communications can assist you in:

  • Offering a Wi-Fi Hotspot service at your location.
  • Generating ongoing revenue for your business by requiring payment for access.
  • Advertising and promote your services/offers to your customers.
  • Offer the customer multiple packages of varying bandwidth or data transfer.
  • Increase your company profile with your social login and win new customers.
  • Provide a value-added service to your customers.

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